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About Me

I started baking because I love it ! Being younger, I enjoyed birthday cakes, specially a chocolate mint cake from a place in Colombia called "Carulla" I remember thinking how moist, rich and perfectly balanced it was, I always wondered what made it like that. Fascinated by cooking shows, I wanted re- creating these recipes, savory dishes as well as sweet treats. My family loved it, and I loved even more seeing them enjoy it ! One of four brothers and sisters, I was the one in charge of cooking. Serving breakfast to my parents in bed on weekends, to preparing lunch on Saturdays...it came so natural to me.

Once I discovered the world of healthy eating, I had to start all over again learning and making new recipes. Healthy is a very broad word and its connotation seems to change every day. We are loaded with so much information that it gets confusing. Fortunately, after many years of educating myself and experiencing with my own body likes and dislikes, I arrived to a selection of ingredients that became my favorites.

After my children were born I continued my baking, even more so, I found surprising ingredients to incorporate in baked goods to make them more nutritious, and little by little created my own recipes.

I wish there could be a magical way to make everything sugar free, but personally I am still a bit wary of many sweeteners that claim to be the perfect solution. Instead, I use small amounts of unrefined sweeteners to create great texture and flavor. For me, moderation is the key !

Why gluten free?

Because for me personally wheat and gluten causes many problems, like bloating, inflammation, brain fogging, decreased energy, weight gain,...and the list goes on ! Many wheat and gluten free baked goods are filled with refined flours, starches, sugars and vary little unrefined ingredients. I am not 100% wheat and gluten free, but when we consume any type of grain that contains them, I make sure to sprout, sour or soak it to neutralize phytic acid, which makes it easier for your body to assimilate. However, it still doesn't make me feel great. My vision was to arrive to something packed with nutrition and flavor that anybody could enjoy. So there go the fresh-navy-beans (neutralized by soaking process of 24 hours, and slow cooking), because of its nutrition facts and texture they made a perfect ingredient in the cakes. I select ingredients based on the benefits that will bring to your body, of course no preservatives or chemicals added.

Why was Dulce Bean born?

Because I find pleasure in enjoying baked goods/treats, I love the aromas that are created when baking, and the incomparable flavors of home baking. Not only eating them should be satisfying, but also they should make you feel good after you enjoy them. I do not stop perfecting a recipe until I am in love with it, until that bite makes me close my eyes and hmmm of pleasure. I know its very romantic, but I love love love sharing this little piece of heaven! we all deserve it. After baking lots for family and friends they wanted to buy what I made, and then I thought "why not get pay for something I enjoy doing?" so Dulce Bean was born in 2010 in Little torch, Florida.

Here you will find a growing selection of my adventures in the kitchen, flavor pairings that are inspired and created on my every day discoveries. I truly hope you enjoy them as much as we do !

With love and passion,

Clara Botero