We find pleasure in eating baked goods, we love the aromas that are created when baking, and the incomparable flavors of home baking.  Not only eating them is satisfying, but they are also made to make you feel good after you eat them.  Our ingredients are selected based on the benefits that will bring to your body, no preservatives or chemicals are added.  They are baked daily, for satisfying flavors, and are better when consumed within a few days of receiving them.  They are not only for those with wheat and gluten intolerance, but also for those who enjoy eating healthy ! We started baking in our own kitchen because we could not find treats that where healthy and delicious at the same time.  We took the healthiest ingredients we knew and started playing with them.  Because whole wheat flour is a high allergic flour we decided to go with a more nutritional and surprising alternative "beans".  After several tries we arrived to an exceptional recipe..After sharing it with our friends and family they love them so much that they started asking us to make orders for them..that is when The Dulce Bean was born in 2007. We still expanding our menu, and our business..for now I guarantee you, you will love our selection ! Clara Botero